Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who are we?

Kartbutikken is the larges online dealer for Norwegian maps. We are owned by Nordeca, Norways larges manufacturer of maps for hiking / trekking, cycling, skiing , roadtrips and boating . Plan you trip with our maps and get the most out of your Norwegian holiday.


Do you ship globaly?

Yes, we ship globally.

What is esitmated delivery time for my country?

If maps are "in stock" (På lager) we usually ship the same day if order is placed before 2PM (local time). Maps are usually shipped as letter so deliverytime will heavily depend on your countries local postal service.

What does shipping cost to my country?

Shipping by letter cost 90NOK - Up to 0,65 KG
Shipping by package cost 400NOK - More than 0.65KG
Shipping from Norway abroad is expensive, it can be wise to split up your order (if order weight is more than 0.65KG). Put items in shopping basket to check deliveryprice.


What kind of payment do you accept?

Currently we only have Paypal as payment for international customers

How to order step by step:

1. Put item in shoppingcart

2. View item in shoppingcart

3. Choose delivery method

4. Enter your information and go to Paypal

I dont have Paypal. Can I pay by card?

Once you are redirected to Paypal you can choose from paying directly with a credit card of log in to a Paypal (if you have an account).

Help me find the correct map

What maps do you have for hiking?

We have 3 hiking series:
Turkart are made in colaboration with The Norwegian Trekking Association. They contain information about tracks, cottage accommodation, things to se and do and some have ski trails. New maps are made in a durable plastic material, older maps are in paper.
Topo 3000 are trekking maps that cover Norways most popular trekking locations. They have information about accommodation and tracks are highlighted. Maps are made in a durable plastic material
Norge-serien is a serie og hiking maps (195 maps) that cover all of Norway. Very good for longer expeditions and where the other maps are not represented. Maps are made in a durable plastic material

What maps do you have for fishing?

Skjærgårdskart are good maps for fishing around the big cities (Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Fredrikstad) .
Jakt & Fiskekart is a series of fishing and hunting maps with guides to fishing and hunting locations that covers all of norway.

What maps do you have for roadtrips / exploring?

Nasjonale Turistveger are maps that cover Norways most beautiful senic routes. They contain guides on where to stay and what to se along the way.
Veikart are basic roadmaps with information about gass stations, ferries, places to stay and so on.

What maps do you have for skiing?

Turkart are good for cross country skiing.
If you are going to be freeriding , you can plan your trip with Topo 3000, Norge-serien or the Turkart series.

What maps do you have for boating and kayaking?

Skjærgårdskart are good maps for kayaking on the cost around some of Norways major cities
The hiking series can be used for kayaking on rivers: Topo 3000, Norge-serien or the Turkart series..
Båtsportkart are boat maps that made for safe navigation along the Norwegian costline.

Any other questions?

Contact us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.